Contaminated Sites Remediation Division.

We help communities regain a sense of belonging to their places.

Remediation of Contaminated Sites.

When it comes to ​remediation of contaminated sites​, we master a ​wide range of techniques​​, some of them being ​highly innovative​​. Our areas ​​of intervention range from small-sized sites​ to large infrastructures as well as industrial areas with potential for redevelopment.

In addition to subsoil survey and remediation services, which are carried out in all phases from the preliminary planning to the intervention itself, we have solid experience in the recovery of dismantled industrial sites, as well as the maintenance of public areas and the removal of buried or abandoned waste.

Our technical and regulatory competence in the field of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and the constant interaction with a large network of recovery, treatment and disposal plants throughout the national and non-national territory, ensure the best solutions for the management of waste produced during the interventions.


Subsoil Survey and Remediation
Subsoil Survey and Remediation

Through innovative and flexible methods.

Redevelopment of Industrial Sites
Redevelopment of Industrial Sites

As well as small sites and large infrastructures.

Recovery of Abandoned Sites
Recovery of Abandoned Sites

Solid experience in the maintenance of public areas.

Removal of underground or abandoned waste
Removal of underground or abandoned waste

We provide the best possible waste management services.

Our Values

Integrity, efficiency, reliability, customer focus, meaningful participation and teamwork. We are aware that the strength of the company is determined by human resources, interpersonal relationships, integration, the transfer of knowledge, dynamism and great attention to the customer’s needs in the field of remediation and environmental engineering.

We base our work on passion and on our solid expertise, and we firmly believe that communication with customers is key.”

Davide Di Cesare,
Head of the Subsoil Remediation Division

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"Our vision? The firm belief that there is no better investment than the commitment with the environment."

Massimo Paris
Technical Manager

The Division by the numbers

The division’s average annual turnover is 3 million euros. The numbers below refer to the last five years (2015-2020). We provide our services across the country.
Sites managed
Tons of waste managed
Average resources employed

Case History

Arquata del Tronto (Marche). Contract for the integrated debris management of the area after August 2016 earthquake.

The aim of the project was to maximize the recovery of waste materials removed from the earthquake-affected areas.

The total amount of debris removed during the operation was 35,722 tons, of which 99.92% was sent to recovery plants. Of this percentage, only 2% was sent to external plants, while 98% was locally reused as recycled inert material.

The works were successfully completed, despite numerous obstacles: the possible presence of asbestos, the difficulties of setting up the site in the neighbouring areas as well as the lack of involvement of local construction sites for the use of the recycled material produced.


months of work: : Dec.2016 - Jan.2018.


Tons of debris removed.


Average workers employed.