Social responsibility.

Ethics and Social Responsibility are two key values of our company culture.

Ethics and responsibility

Safety, sustainability and high standards of conduct are an integral part of HTR business policies. Our company operates in full respect of the Code of Ethics, conscious of the importance of pursuing ethics in business management.

Social Responsibility Policy Ethics and Social Responsibility are two key values of our company culture and the pillars of our work. We are committed to respecting the rules of conduct and promoting an ethical and responsible behaviour, both within the work environment and throughout the supply chain.

SA8000 certification

The SA8000 Ethical Certification proves the company's commitment to “doing business” in a sustainable and responsible way.

HTR always guarantees full respect for the rights of employees, while at the same time promoting their professional and personal growth, involving suppliers as strategic partners for company activities and working for the satisfaction of our customers.

Pursuance of the organizational and management model Legislative Decree 231/2001

In order to ensure the full compliance with the law and the principles of fairness and transparency, HTR has adopted the organizational and management model as by legislative decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001. The Code of Ethics is a fundamental and integral element of the Organization and Management Model.

HTR has also appointed a SB (Supervisory Body) which can be reached at:

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics and business conduct aims to set some important rules for HTR employees and, as applicable, for its collaborators and suppliers.

Professional fairness, personal integrity, health and safety at work and transparency have always been our core values.

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