Engineering R&D Division.

We provide project management and professional advise in the field of environmental engineering.

Engineering, Research, and Development.

The site remediation assessment, the definition of environmental liabilities in the production facilities management or in real estate transactions, the challenges related to customers’ needs in the field of environmental engineering and specific territorial contexts: in each of these cases, a complete and reliable context analysis plays a pivotal role.

Our highly knowledgeable and multidisciplinary team is ready to offer you professional advice on environmental issues. From due diligence to environmental audits, from the mapping of hazardous substances (including asbestos and man-made vitreous fibers) to waste management, from subsoil and groundwater surveys to interstitial air and gas monitoring, as well as construction management and environmental design in the field of remediation and decontamination.

We commit our expertise and know-how in each stage of the project: from the initial assessment to project planning and management.


Environmental surveys
Environmental surveys

Field activities aimed at the collection, systematization, analysis and processing of data in order to identify potential issues, including sampling and analysis of hazardous materials, waste or environmental matrices.

Environmental and regulatory compliance audits
Environmental and regulatory compliance audits

Activity of checking the status and management of the places with respect to the standards, regulations, procedures adopted by the Organization and the sector regulations in force.

Site Surveys
Site Surveys

Site surveys are aimed at analysing the site conditions, focusing on potential or actual issues, which need to be taken into consideration when it comes to planning a remediation project.

Technical advice
Technical advice

We rely on a solid experience and specific technical skills, which allow us to tackle environmental challenges in full compliance with the law in force.

Environmental due diligence
Environmental due diligence

These studies are aimed at identifying and quantifying environmental liabilities and risks, before starting restructuring, demolition, and revamping projects in a context of acquisition or sale.

Feasibility and design studies
Feasibility and design studies

Analysis and assessment of projects features, costs and results, based on different scenarios. Identification of strategies, actions, means of implementation, times and costs.

Our Mission

“The main aim of the division is to help customers overcome environmental problems in different sectors.   We are environmental technicians and, as such, we live by the “Green Thinking” principle. Our major goal is to strike the balance between productivity, which does not always go hand in hand with sustainability, and environmental protection. Our Mission? Taking care of the environment with a sustainable vision of modernity.”

Christian Morra,
Head of the Engineering, Research, and Development Division
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  • Christian Morra
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Head of Division
  • Francesco Ascolani
  • Geologist
  • Fabio Di Sarno
  • Architect
  • Carlo Lo Russo
  • Site Engineer

"Building a relationship of mutual trust with the customer, based on the analysis of results and concrete improvements. This is our Vision."

Christian Morra
Head of Engineering, R&D Division

The Division
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We provide our services across the country. We have a network of 90 clients in the private, institutional, real estate and industrial sectors. The average annual turnover is € 450,000. The data shown below refer to the two-year period 2019-2020.
due diligence
Analysis of asbestos, man-made vitreous fibers, waste, and soils
I dati riportati sotto sono riferiti al Biennio 2019-2020.

Case History

Site survey and environmental due diligence of phase 1 and phase 2 (asbestos and MMVF surveys) for the Italian company Investire SGR

As a first step, the appurtenances (owners, tenants and property management companies) were identified, in order to ensure a correct distribution of responsibilities and costs for the resolution of the environmental liabilities.

In order to complete the project, economic budgets were drawn up.

The project was finished in full compliance with the tight schedule planned, thanks to the optimization of the teams both on site and in the back office.


Hours of field work with the employment of an average of 5 resources.


Analyses carried out in the laboratory and 64 Environmental Due Diligence.


Months on site. The project was completed within the agreed deadline.